Dear Robyn,

Thanks for doing such a great job. S & I were extremely happy with our wedding ceremony. Hope all is well and you are getting lots of work.

I will definitely recommend you when the opportunity arises.

A & S


Dear Robyn,

Thank you for sharing our wedding day. The rose is just wonderful as was our celebrant.

P & C


Hi Robyn,

We would just like to reiterate how much we enjoyed having you do our wedding service – you were great and definitely made the whole event enjoyable and fun – with the bits of humour just as we hoped. The gods were definitely smiling on us when you had your cancellation – thanks.

J & K


Commitment Ceremonies


Dear Robyn,

We would like to thank you so much for the lovely service that you did for us as it was great. So many of our friends have also commented about how lovely a service it was and they all only have great things to say about you. We can’t thank you enough for the day.

You were wonderful.

Again, many thanks for a wonderful day.


Name giving Ceremonies


Dear Robyn,

Thank you very much for a wonderful ceremony and a successful event.

Our sincere thanks,

S, A, Y & K


Hi Robyn

Thanks again for making B’s day so special for us and especially for printing out the extra copies of the ceremony… and well for making the day so easy!  It was great we had a wonderful time as did everybody else and if you’re still interested we would be happy to send you our photos of the day once we compile them altogether.

We can't thank you enough for all that you did on the day and helping us make it a really special one for B.., our family and all our guests.... the Grandparents were particularly touched by their special mention and surprise inclusion.

Love and warm wishes,

Z, T, J and of course B!


Dear Robyn,

Once again we want to thank you for a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful occasion.  You will always be part of our family and history.
Lots of Love
S, A, Y, K  and L